San Joaquin Valley

Ripon is the southern most city in San Joaquin County, and is fast becoming recognized for being a strategic location for regionally related businesses and services.


Ripon's economic base has long been tied to agriculture and related businesses. While agriculture continues to play a large part in Ripon's economy, Ripon, along with the rest of San Joaquin County has begun to transition towards other non-agriculture industrial industries.


Ripon's goal is to develop and implement an economic development program that will provide adequate jobs to housing balance by stimulating business activity and to encourage additional investment in the community.


Besides the agriculturally related business, a variety of other types of industry such as paper, steel fabrication, motorist services, and non-agricultural transportation have been established. The State of California constructed a regional crime lab in the community to serve a six-county area.


It is projected that, in San Joaquin County, job growth will be strongest in professional and business services, transportation, and manufacturing, while jobs in agriculture and mining will decline.


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