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Standard 90 Gallon Black Can
Extra Dump of Standard 90 Gallon Black Can

Yard Waste
Annual Brush Pick Up  
300 Gallon (1.5 yards) Tubbie
800 Gallon (4 yards) Garbage Container

Information regarding State mandated organic recycling implementation and your garbage service


Standard Black Cans are 90 gallons and intended for household garbage only. If regular collection day is a holiday, the garbage will be collected the following day. Please read the following Black Can Regulations. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in a "go back" charge to your account. 



Extra Dumps of your standard 90 gallon black can are available to residents. The current cost is $18.90 for one can.  If you have multiple black cans as part of your regular service, the extra dump fee on each can is $5 after the initial $18.90 for the first can. To schedule this service, please call the Public Works Department at (209)599-2151 or email [email protected].


All grass clippings should be placed in the Green can which is available for $3.20 per month.
Green cans are picked up on Mondays, unless it's a holiday-then it will be collected on the Friday of that week.


Any resident needing pick up of yard waste throughout the year (other than during October 15 - January 7) may place brush on the street at curb sides for a minimum cost of $60.00, depending on size.  Call Public Works at 209 599-2151 for more information or to schedule a pick up. 


The City offers a free annual pick up of leaves, trimmings and Christmas trees. The program runs from October 15 - January 7 each year. 
-Palm tree cuttings WILL NOT be accepted.
-Place loose trimmings and leaves at curbsides --- PLEASE NOTE: the gutter must remain clear for water runoff.
- No other solid waste of any kind shall be deposited among the clippings or leaves.
- Branches should be no more than 4 feet long or 6 inches in diameter. 
- No Stumps
- Do not bag or tie the trimmings.
It is not necessary to call City Hall to have the trimmings picked up. A Public Works crew will pick up the trimmings each week as they check the neighborhoods. It is not a set route so if they do not pick it up one week, they will pick it up the next week.

300 GALLON (1.5 yards) TUBBIE

Tubbies are 300 gallon cans available to residents for temporary use of up to 1 week.  In order to utilize this service, residents must prepay for the amount of dumps requested (a maximum of 2 dumps are allowed per request) and be current on their utility billing account. Tubbies are limited in availability and scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are NO Tubbies available, you will have the option of applying the payment to your utility billing account or obtaining a refund.  

The cost for each dump is currently $42.85.
Tubbies are delivered on Fridays for requests and payments made by Wednesday end of day.
Requests made after Wednesday will be delivered on Friday of the following week.
Once you have reviewed the regulations and the prepayment is made, fill out the request form linked below.

Tubbie Regulations and Request Form Link 
Pre-Payment Link


Gilton is permitted to provide Ripon residents with a temporary garbage container and offers 800 gallon (4 yard) containers. A separate Cargo Storage Container/Construction Dumpster Permit is required from the City of Ripon when utilizing the container service from Gilton. The permit is free and can be obtained in a few days.

Gilton Solid Waste: (209) 527-3781 

City of Ripon: Cargo Storage Container Application
Mail/drop off complete application to City Hall, 259 N Wilma Ave OR email complete application to [email protected]


What type of container must be used?
-The City provides each home with one City container, which is easily rolled to curbside on collection day. It is the only type container that the automated truck can service. The City assigns containers to the house. Do not take the container from the property when changing houses. Do not paint or deface the container; however, neatly stenciled house numbers are acceptable.

When do I place my container out for collection?
-To assure pickup, all containers must be at curbside by 6:00 am on scheduled collection days. Truck operators WILL NOT come back for refuse put out after the truck has passed your house.

Where do I place my container for collection?
-The preferred container location for collection is on the street with wheels toward the curb. Be sure the container is at least fifteen feet from parked vehicles and five feet from each other. Lids must be closed for dumping.

What can I put in my container?
-All common household trash and garbage are allowed in the container. Yard trimmings may be placed in the container. Cardboard boxes should be flattened to save space. In the interest of container cleanliness, we encourage you to use plastic bags for wet garbage and to hose out your container occasionally. Refuse must fall freely from the container when dumped.

What about parking on the street on collection days?
-We ask that you refrain from parking along streets on collection day where vehicles may block access to a container. Generally, a 5-foot clearance from isolated vehicles is adequate. Keep containers away from cars, boats and trailers to avoid risk of damage.

What will not be collected?
-Items that must NOT be placed in the containers include: dirt or sod; rocks or concrete; toxic or flammable materials such as oil, gas, or paint; hot ashes; and debris from construction, remodeling, or demolition. To arrange for a dead animal pick up, please contact Animal Control at (209)599-2102.

What if my container is stolen or destroyed?
-Subject to verification, the City will replace stolen containers, free from charge. We will replace all damage containers or repair, unless the customer by negligence or abuse causes damage. Your assistance in caring for the container will reduce our costs of operation.

What if my can was not emptied?
-If a container is overfilled or not accessible, a tag will be left on the container, explaining the reasons and proper procedures. If they miss your service with no notification on your container, non service may be caused from a truck breakdown or truck operator errors, in which case, call (209)599-2151 by noon of the following day.

What do I do with my yard waste?
-The City provides a voluntary yard waste program, supplying a "green" container for yard waste only. Yard waste includes all grass clippings, brush, and trimmings (Not Palm Tree Clippings). Do not put plastic bags or potting containers in green containers. These items contaminate the yard waste and can cause everything to be land filled rather than composted. Green cans are only $3.20 per month. 

-If you are interested in participating in the yard waste program, please contact Public Works at (209)599-2151. By putting your yard-waste in green cans or in the street during the annual free pick-up rather than in your black garbage can, you are helping to reduce the tons of material taken to the landfill each year.

  If you have any questions please call Public Works 209 599-2151.

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