Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project

Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project
Posted on 03/15/2021
Project Overview
Purpose and Need
Access to Property & Street Parking
Traffic During Construction
Construction Hours and Schedule

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Construction for the week of:

January 30 – February 5, 2021

  • Demolition of West sidewalk begins this week
  • Electrical work for Stockton Avenue begins later this week, and will continue into next week. Electrical work will occur within the demolished sidewalk path.

Stockton Avenue
Rehabilitation Project
Construction Phases

Phase 1
April – September 2021

Start of Surface Removal


Potable Water Lines

Industrial Sewer

Storm Drain

Remainder of Surface Removal

Phase 2
October 2021

Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutter

Rough Grading of aggregate base

Phase 3
November 2021– April 2022

Paver Installation

Striping and Signage

Site Restoration

Project Overview
The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation project will involve a complete road reconstruction from Second Street to Doak Boulevard.  The project will include repairs and replacements to several underground utilities along Stockton Avenue.  Stockton Avenue will then be completed in concrete pavers, 6 foot sidewalks, and it will be striped with a middle two-way left turn lane. 

In general, most cities in California have challenges obtaining funding to maintain their streets and roads.  Historically, gasoline tax was the main source of revenue that funded streets and roads projects.  From 1963 to 1982, the state and federal tax were not indexed (they remained unchanged), resulting in lower revenue with inflation.  Additionally, vehicle fuel efficiency and the production of electric vehicles has increased in recent years, which also have a negative effect on the gasoline sales tax.  In 2017, Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act was passed, which invests $54 billion over the next decade to fix roads, freeways and bridges in communities across California.  Additionally, State and local governments have had more grant money available to utilize towards streets and roads projects.

The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project has been able to move forward with grant money received from the Regional Surface Transportation Program, and the Measure K Regional Arterial fund, combined with local City of Ripon funds.


Purpose and Need
Stockton Avenue currently includes a variety of land uses, including: residential, multi-family, office, commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial.  Primarily, Stockton Avenue serves as the designated route for industrial traffic, including a large number of trucks, between Route 99 and the industrial businesses located along Stockton Avenue in Ripon.  Many of the businesses that are located on or near Stockton Avenue rely on this section of roadway to support their transportation needs.  

The variety of land uses have caused Stockton Avenue to be a heavily traveled roadway that is in need of substantial repair.  By widening the roadway to include a middle left turn lane, these businesses will benefit from a more efficient roadway system.  

Additionally, in the future, Ripon plans to construct the Ripon Multi-Modal Station, located on Industrial Avenue.  This commuter rail station is expected to increase vehicular and pedestrian traffic along Stockton Avenue. 

Current StreetAccess to Property & Street Parking
Access to property owners and residents who live on Stockton Avenue will be provided.  Access to business employees and clients, as well as business deliveries on Stockton Avenue will also be provided.   All other Ripon residents are advised to use alternate routes when feasible.  

On-street parking on Stockton Avenue, South of Second Street, will not be permitted during construction.

Current StreetTraffic During Construction
Due to the size of the rehabilitation, traffic is expected to be heavily impacted during construction. EXPECT SIGNIFICANT TRAFFIC DELAYS.  

The contractor will keep two lanes of travel open at all possible times, but certain construction needs will require reduction to a 1-lane road with flaggers. While only one lane is open, there will be additional delays along Stockton Avenue. Both lanes of travel will be open when outside of regular construction hours. 

The truck route on Stockton Avenue is expected to remain the same throughout construction.

Traffic Route

Construction Hours and Schedule
Regular construction hours will be Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. During this time, all through traffic on Stockton Avenue will be limited to residents on Stockton Avenue, and customers and delivery vehicles for the businesses along Stockton Avenue. 

Due to the nature of the project, the contractor may need to work extended hours, nights and weekends.

This work will begin in April 2021 and should continue until April 2022. This year-long project will be broken down into three major phases:

Phase 1: Underground – 6 Months
The initial phase of the reconstruction, or Phase 1, will start April 2021 and will begin with some of the surfacing removal (removal of pavement, gravel, etc.) of Stockton Avenue in order to begin the planned replacement of the sewer, storm drain, industrial sewer, and potable water lines along Stockton Avenue. There will be a small number of customers that will be changed over to a new sewer line.  Once the sewer is complete, the installation of the storm drain line will start.  The storm drain is located in the center of the roadway and is the deepest utility that is being replaced, at 13 feet deep.  Due to the depth and potential safety risks, the construction of the storm drain will go slower, averaging approximately 50 feet per day, with over 1,500 linear feet needing to be installed.  During this time, travel lanes are expected to be reduced to 1 lane with flaggers at each side during construction hours.  After the storm drain is completed, the industrial sewer, followed by the potable water main and water service laterals, will be completed.  Every customer within the project area will be receiving a new potable water lateral. Each customer will be informed prior to their service being disrupted. 
At the end of Phase 1, the contractor will be hauling dirt off-site to make way for the street section.    

Phase 2: Concrete and Rough Grading– 1 Month

Phase 2 of reconstruction of Stockton Avenue will consist of laying out the groundwork for the road, widening the road to accommodate two lanes of travel with a two-way left turn lane, and pouring the new sidewalks for the street. In this phase, the contractor will be installing 6 foot sidewalks, along with curbs and gutters, to this section of the road. This will make it more pedestrian friendly to residents and visitors while adding a community feel to the Stockton Avenue area. In order to promote the safety of the public, streetlights will also be installed along this section on Stockton Ave. 

The Contractor will then import aggregate base material for the bottom layer of the new street section.  The aggregate base will be compacted in preparation of the concrete pavers.

Phase 3: Pavers and Striping – 5 Months
The third and final phase of the project will be the laying of the pavers for Stockton Avenue, as well as all striping and signage that must be updated to accommodate the reconstruction.

Pavers last longer and require significantly less maintenance than asphalt and will update Stockton Avenue to match the aesthetic qualities of Main Street.  Due to the heavy truck traffic along Stockton Avenue, larger pavers that are 100 millimeters in size will be utilized.  To install the concrete pavers, the contractor will lay a sand layer before placing the pavers.  Once the pavers are cut and placed, another layer of sand is placed between the concrete paver joints and then sealed. Concrete paver installation will be completed in sections to accommodate traffic and will last approximately 4 to 5 months.

The striping will be completed with colored pavers which are similar to Main Street in Ripon.  Signage and striping for a Type III shared bike path with vehicles will also be installed.  

Finally, all other site restoration will be completed, including installing slopes behind the sidewalk to match existing elevations.

Main Street


When will the project start and end?

 -The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project is projected to start in April 2021 with expected completion of April 2022.

What will the project entail?
 -The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project will reconstruct the road from Second Street to Doak Boulevard.  Underground utilities will be replaced including water, sewer, and storm drain lines.  The road will then be resurfaced in concrete pavers. The roadway will also be widened to accommodate a travel lane in each direction and a two-way left turn lane.  Additionally, sidewalks will be added to each side of the street.

How will it affect traffic during construction?
 -Traffic will be heavily impacted during construction.  Typical construction times are from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Due to the nature of the work, the contractor may need to work extended hours, nights and weekends.  The contractor will accommodate leaving two travel lanes open when possible (one in each direction).  When it is not possible, one travel lane will be open, and the contractor will flag cars. Additional delays are expected when only one travel lane is open.  Two travel lanes (one in each direction) will be re-opened when the contractor is not working.  Truck Routes will remain the same throughout construction.

Will my utility services be affected during construction?

 -There are a small amount of customers that will be changed over to a new sewer line.  Every customer within the project area will receive a new water lateral with the installation of the new water main.  Customers will be contacted prior to their service being interrupted.

Will I still have access to my property?

 -It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide access to property owners and their employees.  For any special circumstances, you will be contacted ahead of time to discuss options if a section of roadway needs to be closed off. 

Will I still be able to park on Stockton Avenue?
 -For the safety of others and your vehicle, we ask that once construction begins the public no longer park in the street on Stockton Avenue.  

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