Tubbie Request Form

Tubbie Request Form

This is a prepaid service. Residents who are current on their utility account may pay online or in the office by cash/credit card/check. For an online payment, add the cost of dump(s) to your utility account. Residents without a utility account must make a payment in office by cash/credit card/check during regular business hours. (A transaction fee is applied to all credit card payments online or in office.)                            

  • Tubbies are delivered on Fridays for requests and payments made by Wednesday end of day (pending availability).
  • Requests and payments made after Wednesday will be delivered on Friday of the following week.
  • If there are no tubbies available on the initial Friday, you will automatically be scheduled for the following Friday (pending availability). Due to the limited availability, if there are no available tubbies within two consecutive Fridays, you will have the option of applying the payment to your utility billing account or obtaining a refund.
  • The tubbie may be used for a maximum of 1 week.
  • You may request up to 2 dumps within that week.
  • The tubbie will be removed on the same day of the last scheduled dump.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 1-3 business days after both prepayment and request have been received.
  • After the tubbie has been removed, there is a two week waiting period before you can request another tubbie-no earlier requests will be scheduled as you must wait the full two weeks before another request can be made.


  • Tubbie containers are to be at least 5’ from any obstruction (ie: garbage can, fences, poles, etc.).
  • Tubbie containers need to be at least 15 feet from any parked vehicles.
  • Tubbies will NOT be dumped if obstructed by illegally parked vehicles.
  • No articles more than 2 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter.
  • DO NOT over fill tubbie. Garbage must be level with the top and nothing may be sticking out of the top.
  • Tubbies must be out at curbside for dumping and pick up.
  • Tubbies are to be used for household refuse only. NOT for construction waste (ie: cabinets, carpet, flooring, etc.).


  • Cement or Concrete        
  •  Hot Coals         
  •  Rocks     
  •  Heavy Materials        
  •  Paint       
  •  Dirt/Sod       
  •  Hazardous/Electronic Waste       
  •  Oil               
  •  Gas     
  •  Volatile Liquids         
  •  Chemicals     
  •  Tires

Tubbie Request Form


Name on Utility Account: 

Contact Name: (if different from above) 

Email Address: 

Number of Dumps: 

 1- $42.85

Dump day 1: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

 2 - $85.70 *Please note that the Tubbie may be used for a maximum of 1 week and is delivered on a Friday. Do Not choose the same day of the week as you did for Dump Day 1. EX: Do not choose Friday for your second dump day if you chose Friday for your first dump day. This only delays your Tubbie because Public Works will have to contact you to schedule a correct date. 

Dump day 2: Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

If no Tubbies are available:

 Apply to Utility Account

 Supply Refund

IMPORTANT:  Please read carefully, failure to comply with any of the above regulations will void the submitted request. Payment must be made within 72 hours of submitting Request Form. By submitting this request, you agree to comply with the tubbie regulations.  If compliance is not met, it may cause a non-service which then will reflect a ‘GO BACK’ charge of $18.90 on your utility account.

Pay Online Here: https://ripon.billingdoc.net/login

Your request will not be processed unless you click the "Submit" button below.

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